Who we are

The family of the first Viscount of Santarémy, by Domingos António de Sequeira, 1816, oil on canvas  136 x 177 cm - Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga - Lisbon, Portugal

Linhagens is the result of a pioneering effort by Portuguese genealogists. It was started in 1996 and is the first Portuguese company geared towards genealogical investigation.

Over more than ten years, Linhagens has served to change the profile of Portuguese genealogy, making it accessible to people all over the world and inspiring other researchers to develop their own research projects.

We have set quality and precision standards in our research and devotion to our clients, which have become benchmarks for genealogical services. We don’t compromise in our commitment to our clients.

Genealogy and Internet

Portrait of the Earl of Farrobo - Domingos Sequeira, 1813, oil on canvas - 102 x 62 cm - Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga - Lisbon, Portugal

There are numerous communities with people of Portuguese descent established all over the world and many of those people are keen to know or have a deeper knowledge of their Portuguese heritage. This is why Linhagens has such a strong online component and created the first site in 1997. This proved to be a correct approach, as many of our clients are found on all Continents and have accessed Linhagens through our site.

Linhagens still has the same initial pioneering drive. Today much of the communication with our clients is done electronically and we strongly support innovative and secure communication platforms, such as box.net and paypal.com.




All our researchers have great experience in the area of genealogical research and services. Over the years they have accommodated various types of clients, from the merely curious or people with ongoing naturalization processes to public or private companies, such as banking or financial institutions, courts or foreign governments.

Our researchers have degrees and master’s degrees from some of the main Portuguese universities and there are also members of the Portuguese Genealogy Association (Associação Portuguesa de Genealogia) and the Association of Professional Genealogists, whose Ethics Code we are guided by.

Our researchers are often asked to produce public opinions on matters of genealogy and family history and our company is frequently contacted by domestic and foreign media(TV Globo, RDP Internacional, Rádio Paris Lisboa, Jornal de Tocantins, Euronotícias, Focus, Visão, Fortuna, among others) to participate on news stories, articles, etc on genealogy and professional services.



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